Saturday, May 22, 2010

things that cannot be bought

ever since i started working part time i realise that there are many things that one cannot use money to buy or learn it in lecture. for instance, i accidentally gave my customer the wrong dose of viagra. instead of giving him 100mg i gave him 50mg. if he were to take it. he would be wondering why on earth it did not work. lol... well because i gave him the wrong dose i have to call him up for an exchange. thank god he is a member in the pharmacy that i am working for. fortunately he came back to exchange. hehehehe... lesson learnt that, i should be more careful when giving out medication.
in another senario, patient always use the brand name to buy their medication. sadly, i am still not familar with that. so i have to take an extra effort to ask them what is the medication for before looking for it. cos there are like 100 and more medications in the pharmacy. worse of all sometimes the pharmacy does not have that particular brand that they want and i have to convince them that i have another brand with the same ingredient. gosh it is confusing! but by now i know some medications by their brand name.
lesson 3: i have finally learn the frequency and method to consume some of the medication. honestly, when we were in uni we didnt focus much on that. but now since i am expose to it. i know some of the medication like loratadine can be given OD, pseudoephedrine can be given TDS and antacids can be taken as long as you feel like you are getting gastric. lol...
so much to learn and i have so little time! i wish i have more time

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