Sunday, September 26, 2010

Counting Down

OMG! i am finally going back home so excited.. weeee! god please let my boss approve my leave i really wanna go back home! 3 more days.... weeee

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Must You Be Such A *****?

There is this someone at work is driving me up the wall. I wish i have more power to make this person realise how much i hate this person. How can you be so bias? Just because i wanted to take leave to go back home you cannot change everything to prevent me from going back home. WTF! I really think this person should be burn to hell. I mean everything i have planned. All went to the drain thanks to this person. WTF! I hate this person!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First time working at night

After a few months working late shift in a retail pharmacy i thought i maybe able to sail through a night shift in the hospital. I didnt expect it to be so different. Although working at night can be fun yet it can be stressful and tiring too. 11hours of work without sleep throughout the night can be pretty tiring especially when there is one period where there are no patient queuing up to get their medications. Halfway through the night or one could call it early in the morning i fell a sleep for an hour. It is a good thing or else i would expect myself to be dispensing the wrong medication.

I am quite surprise that on the first night of Raya there would be so many malay patients. Most of them came in for similar reasons;
1) gastric
2) fever + cough + flu (kids)
3) injury
4) diarrhoea

As we all know, chinese usually 'pantang' to be sick during CNY yet most malays tend to fall sick during Raya. lol....

It was kind of stressful working at night the first time not only because i am new but 'my head' likes to observe what i am doing. Which made me feel tense. Somehow i felt like 'my head' is putting pressure on my shoulders. Well, at least now i know how the work flow is like the next time i am confident do it by myself. Hopefully! =P

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running a small pharmacy department by myself?

I never thought there would be such chaos when i have to run a minor pharmacy department by myself. I dont know why yesterday i decided to do dangerous drug. The pharmacy only supply dangerous drug twice a week and yesterday was supply day. My colleague decide to ask me which do i want to do. One unit dose or dangerous drug(DD)? One unit dose is where we only supply meds to the patients in the ward for one day. In other words, it means we supply them daily. So silly me decided to do dangerous drug. It seems much easier than one unit dose as it does not require me to use a buggy computer. Unfortunately, i come to realise i hate dangerous drug more than one unit dose. Why? Well yesterday i was not thinking right and decided to confirm what drug they wanted. I didnt know that for DD we cannot cancel once it was written. Because after confirming the drug i realise we have shortage of the drug. So i decided to call another department hoping to borrow that drug from them. Who knows they also dont have stock. So i went looking for my boss. WTF both my bosses are on leave. I was like what am i going to do. Then i found out that someone else is substituting my boss. So went and find that fellow, he taught me how to solve the problem and guess what the nurse make lots of noise for not supplying the drug to them. Haih! i felt so hopeless but the truth is i dont know what happen. Urrrggghhh!!!!!! Worse of all in the afternoon i am the only one running the whole department. I was like wow! me alone? Today the same thing happen ==! and my boss substitute finally realise that i am alone so he decided to ask someone to help but too late i have completed everything! =P

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mysterious Company

It is times like this that i miss you so much. When i am at home with nothing to do, when i am doing the things that we used to do together, when i am longing to do the things that we used to do. Thinking about it make me miss you so much. I really wish i could express my feelings to you, yet i cant. I dont want to risk what we had. I dont want to loose you as a friend. If only i knew you earlier, then things may be different. Why must you leave before i graduate? Why must you already have someone else when i met you?

Working Life

Daily routine, morning; punch card in. Follow by breakfast (cup of coffee). Start work, screen prescription, calculate amount of drug to be given, send back any prescription errors, check those that had been filled, do DD if it is a Sunday and Wednesday. Followed by lunch. Back from lunch, pick up calls, screen any prescription that came in after lunch, hope for counselling and wait to go home. I have concluded that working life here is so relaxing which is a plus sign. But the working process here is pretty slow. I find that people here like to take their time to do work. I am from a city where everything is fast moving. So bare with my bias view here. Maybe i should learn to be a little slow? Nah! I dont think it is a good idea. I like things moving quickly. but i would not mind working here if there are cinemas, restaurants and shops that i like. I would not feel so upset if i am able to conduct my daily routine here. (ie; shopping, eating and watching movie) Haih! For now i am just hoping to get a car. Once i have a car, i would feel safe as i can travel around without worrying much. Hahahahaha.... If only my driving skills are good. Hmmmm... I guess i need more practice right? Anyone willing to sit beside me for a roller coaster ride? But it will be at your own risk. Gosh! I such a terrible person.