Thursday, April 22, 2010

learning how to drive part 1

lol... ironic right. i have a license and yet i have not been driving since a levels that is like 6 years back. well it is not that i dont want to drive it is just that my dad didnt want me to drive until now. when i am about to join the work force. gosh! i really know no head or tail about driving. so now the question is who wants to teach me how to drive? should i sign up for short courses or should i ask some pro to teach me? cannot decide. what shall i do?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a gust of inspiration

hmmmm... today i had my interview with the government for my posting. it was not as bad as i thought it would be yet it was fun. guess what! i suddenly have inspiration on how i wanna spend my long vacation till i officially start work. hmmmmmmm.... make more doggies. i shall revive my doggy blog and post more.. this time there will be cats, mouse, turtle and many more.. weeeeee... ok maybe i have too much to drink. lol.. but it was only fruit juice. lol.............. then it must be the company. anyways.... some random pic.. or shall i say the most expensive gift that i have receive for this year

Friday, April 16, 2010

what to do for holiday?

for the first time i dont know what i wanna do during my holidays. usually i would have one stack of video games waiting for me to play. but lately i have lost interest in video games. besides video game i may play online game. my all time favourite maple story. it took quite awhile for me to quit maple story. i would not wanna go back that path with the long hours sitting in front of the computers and wasting my time for something not productive.

hmmmmmm.... i am still considering what can i do for this holiday. gosh! now that i have freedom. i dont know what i wanna do. one would suggest me to go out. but lately i have no mood to do so. shopping? well lets just say i run out of cash. what about travelling? like i have said i have run out of cash. working? yes i will be working part time but it will be during MAY. baking? not in the mood to do so. making money via my mini plush? somehow i have no inspiration to do so.

weird! it is a holiday yet i dont feel like doing anything and i am bored. i wish someone could enlighten me to entertain myself.

end of student life?

it feels like yesterday when i just enrolled for pharmacy course. i could not believed that i have survive 4 years of pharmacy course. i was skeptical when i enroll for this course as it is not something that i wanted. i wanted something out of the blue, which is still my passion. i would like it if one day i can venture into that field. though field work may not be something i would like but i do like the challenge. there are great and bad times during these 4 uni life years. there are lecturers that i am fond of and some that i even dislike. luckily i did not manage to make any enemies during my uni years though there are some people that i am not fond of. in my opinion, where ever you are there is always someone that you are not fond of.
so today i woke up realising that i am no longer a student. i will be joining the work force soon. thinking about the responsibility i have to take is killing me. i feel like i am not prepare for this. but i know i cannot run away from it. everyone have to grow up one day. the question is when? hopefully life would be more pleasing after this! looking forward for my first pay.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


one of my most favourite english series is bones. i had watched many series from CSI to house to project runway to america next top model to ugly betty and many more. somehow i am a tv freak. but since uni's timetable is so hectic i have resorted to streaming them. anyways bones is one of my most favourite. it is a story of a lady scientist who does not have any social skills and a detective who knows nothing about science. they work as a team to solve murder cases. The show is interesting as this two are deeply in love with each other 'that is what everyone thinks' but they are not together or lets just say they will never admit and neither will make a move. i just love how the show goes. finally.... this latest episode shows that they actually kiss. hahahaa.... didnt expect this to happen. the cases are always interesting as the other characters will do experiments to solve the cases. it is funny since those experiment always ended up blowing the laboratory up. somehow i just love this series..

what sort of birthday is this?

birthday girl feeeling so bored today. why no one wanna teman me go watch movie? haih those that wanted to are not here. so birthday girl have to stay at home play poker. now birthday girl wanna go study lol..... ironic

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pos 'boleh land'

gosh i ddin't know dealing with pos 'boleh land can be such a pain in the ass. i was suppose to get my parcel yesterday however, i was having exam when the delivery guy deliver my parcel and i have the 'best' maid every whom does not understands simple instructions such as show this photocopy ID to the deliver guy and he will pass the parcel to you. So they drop me a note telling me to collect it from the main office. it is at kota damansara and the last time i went there i sort of got lost. so this time i decided to ask them to arrange for a second sending which i think i will be or i will make sure that i am at home to collect it. In order to arrange for 2nd delivery i have to call them. Gosh! i really do hate it when it goes to those sort of answering machine thingy. and when it finally reach the selection you want, it will tell you to hold as all operators are busy. %$%&^%*^%*&^! how busy can they be? i waited for like 10 minutes or more with some weird music on the other end. then the music stop. i was hoping that i was the operator on the other end but it was the voice machine telling me they were sorry and all their operators are busy and the music came back. !!@*&*(^&^&*%(!^@(!&! finally i decided to hang up and call again. i think the same process went on for a few times before the operator decided to pick up my call and deal with my problem. so in the end the operator told me 'your parcel will be delivered to you house on the 9th of april'. in the back of my mind; i want it now or by 8th. oh well i cannot complain since i am not willing to go there to collect it. i will just have to wait for it. hopefully what is inside is not a disappointment

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Begining

i have decided to tear down the old post fot the bkog as i wanna start a fresh one. why is that so? well, it is not that the old post nor qoutes does not represent me. it is just that i find myself too reserve. as though i do not want people to know much about me and am worried about what other people think about me. i felt that it is time to change. to express what i want to or feel like. i should not over think the matter. besides that, i wanted to start new since many things had happen. i dont wanna look back into the past and feel the pain that i have been through but move on.