Friday, April 16, 2010

what to do for holiday?

for the first time i dont know what i wanna do during my holidays. usually i would have one stack of video games waiting for me to play. but lately i have lost interest in video games. besides video game i may play online game. my all time favourite maple story. it took quite awhile for me to quit maple story. i would not wanna go back that path with the long hours sitting in front of the computers and wasting my time for something not productive.

hmmmmmm.... i am still considering what can i do for this holiday. gosh! now that i have freedom. i dont know what i wanna do. one would suggest me to go out. but lately i have no mood to do so. shopping? well lets just say i run out of cash. what about travelling? like i have said i have run out of cash. working? yes i will be working part time but it will be during MAY. baking? not in the mood to do so. making money via my mini plush? somehow i have no inspiration to do so.

weird! it is a holiday yet i dont feel like doing anything and i am bored. i wish someone could enlighten me to entertain myself.


stinchan said...

fill up your petrol tank, bring a notebook with you (with a pen of course), maybe a camera, or some music you like. and just drive down the highway and see where youreach next.its fun.did that last summer.sometimes you arrive in places you have no idea existed

Yokie(PY) said...

hahaha... possible.. but 1st i need someone to coach me how to drive