Thursday, April 8, 2010


one of my most favourite english series is bones. i had watched many series from CSI to house to project runway to america next top model to ugly betty and many more. somehow i am a tv freak. but since uni's timetable is so hectic i have resorted to streaming them. anyways bones is one of my most favourite. it is a story of a lady scientist who does not have any social skills and a detective who knows nothing about science. they work as a team to solve murder cases. The show is interesting as this two are deeply in love with each other 'that is what everyone thinks' but they are not together or lets just say they will never admit and neither will make a move. i just love how the show goes. finally.... this latest episode shows that they actually kiss. hahahaa.... didnt expect this to happen. the cases are always interesting as the other characters will do experiments to solve the cases. it is funny since those experiment always ended up blowing the laboratory up. somehow i just love this series..


stinchan said...

I watch Bones every now and then as well, whenever I turn on the TV and if its there. Bones is super nerdy..her social skills memang kosong, but can be funny at times..I trying The Mentalist and Pacific now

Yokie(PY) said...

yea super nerdy... mentalist and pacific? dont know what is that. i have been watching a lot of reality show lately

stinchan said...

go to ,tons of series you can download, from a-z titles