Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living away from HOME

I have always thought living away from home is fun. Of course it is fun, if you like freedom and be more independent. Come to think of it, now i am not having fun. WHY? Well;
  1. The city/town ( i felt as though it is a town even though i know it is a city) is not interesting at all. HOW come? Because this city does not have a cinema nor any interesting shopping mall. The malls here are small with nothing much in it. My perception could be BIAS as I AM A 100% CITY GIRL. Since YOUNG i grew up it with hustle bustle in the city, malls with many shops (usually with IMPORTED ITEMS). I grew up filling my weekend with window shopping or watching a movie or having long branch in an EXPENSIVE restaurant. How can someone like me live in a city with none of this. In my perception, this is a TOWN!
  2. My current house is so empty. There is NO TV, NO ASTRO, NO UNLIMITED INTERNET and my THERAPEUTIC BAKING UTENSILS. I practically have nothing to do here. GOSH! Please kill me someone. If i am not shopping or eating in a restaurant I would most likely STREAMING SERIES or BAKING.
  3. The food here SUCK big time. One would say it cannot be so bad, since there is McD. Well i would not like to eat fast food everyday! Can you imagine eating fast food everyday? With the greasy taste of a burger/chicken and an extreme sweetness of the drink. I may get DIABETES & HEART DISEASES at early age. I come to find that the CHINESE FOOD here taste BAD and the MALAY FOOD here taste SWEET. Now i know why there are so many Malaysians with diabetes. So what would i like to have? I would like JAPANESE, WESTERN, KOREAN, DESSERTS and HOME COOK FOOD. Lol... It is not like i dont know how to cook but i find myself EXTREMELY LAZY to do so.
  4. My work place is so boring. There is SUCH thing? Well, if you are working for the G. You would know the system here is WORK LESS BUT MORE PAY. I know everyone would dream for this job. But i do not like it. You may think i am crazy but honestly i enjoy doing a lot of work as it makes my time pass as soon as possible. I am the type of person who need to BE ON THE GO. I cannot sit around chatting i find time pass slower than anything else.
Right i would like to complain more but i think my brain ran out of its juice so shall end here and continue when i am in EXTREME BOREDOM. Btw there are pros too when living away from home

Monday, August 30, 2010

Things ThaT ONE shouLD appReciaTe

i always have this impression that everyone will take something for granted. it may not be the same thing but we do unintentionally take something for granted. take classes in university. i used to hate PSD (not sure what does it stands for anymore) session as we have to perform various counsellings on specific medication and devices or history taking or providing information to some simulated patient. i used to think that it is so embarrassing to do such a thing. whenever our lecturer ask for volunteer no one would do so. after 4 years of doing it in class. various mistakes made. various embarrassing moment shared with your batchmates and lecturer. i realise we should have volunteer ourselves. it is very useful now. when i was given the task by my boss to do counseling in front of her i find myself doing better than the other university graduates. i find myself more confident and if they want me to do it in front of them i have no fear compared to those local universities students. when my boss actually told us she had a real patient to do so. they start to worry but i was more than joy to do it. in my opinion not only my university did gave me this confidence but life experience. i somehow felt that working experience can help in this. i have been working for sometime since i graduated at a retail pharmacy and i have learn how to handle customer, how to speak to them, instead of being soft spoke i find myself more loud and more friend ( i am not a very friendly person).

today i did a counselling alone. it was fun. my patient is so enthusiastic to learn. gosh! he knew how to use accuhaler eventhough he had not use it before. he claimed that he saw some of the other patients using it. i was so impress before i can show him how to use it he already showed me how to use it. lol..... this makes counselling easy. weeeee ......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

list of things i wanna do when i go home

1) eat umiya
2) drink starbucks
3) eat hagen dazz
4) eat zanmai
5) eat chillis
6) watch all the movie that is available
7) shop till i drop
8) call Yi wern out
9) get a selangor bf n resgister so that next year i will be back HOME

How Someone Can Make You HAPPY?

It has been awhile since the last time i see, talk or hang out with you. Somehow deep down in my heart i know i miss you a lot even though i know you that you would not remember me. Seeing you online made me so happy. It felt like a boost of joy since i am was force to be in this place which does not have anything to remind me of you. Talking to you made me even happier. Yet, this happiness only last for a day. I wish you were there for me, but it is impossible. Now i am wondering is it what would happen if i didn't ignore you in the past.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i am ready to jump!

i never knew life can be so boring. this time i am so bored till i can just jump down the building. gosh! i know i should get a life. but i cannot do much now. waiting to leave for work and waiting to settle down can be so boring. should have spend my time going out. but unfortunately my cash is running low with the worry that they would process my pay after 3 months. T_T! gosh i am having big headache!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

how much can god hate me?

i already have lots on my plate and god wanted me or should i say my parents to worry more. it is already bad enough that they want to send me somewhere so far from home and so malay. now my grandma is sick. i know my parents are worried about me, since i am the only girl in the family and it is my first time leaving home. somehow i felt that things would be different if i am not leaving to somewhere so malay. i felt like my parents would worry less. currently looking for a place to stay is a hassle on top of that my grandma is making lots of noise and is sick. i felt so terrible now. my stress level is worse than that of taking exam. i would rather study for exam than facing this. not only are they sending me to somewhere malay. they are even sending me to somewhere ulu. wtf is wrong with them? why are they punishing me. what have i done so wrong? i felt like none of them gets me. maybe because i am those 100% city girl. honestly i dont like nature. i dont like lay back life style. i dont like to sit n do nothing. urrrrggghhhhh! somehow no one gets me! they just think i dont want to change. i dont mind change but not so drastic change. cant it be gradually? cant it be more gentle.