Monday, August 30, 2010

Things ThaT ONE shouLD appReciaTe

i always have this impression that everyone will take something for granted. it may not be the same thing but we do unintentionally take something for granted. take classes in university. i used to hate PSD (not sure what does it stands for anymore) session as we have to perform various counsellings on specific medication and devices or history taking or providing information to some simulated patient. i used to think that it is so embarrassing to do such a thing. whenever our lecturer ask for volunteer no one would do so. after 4 years of doing it in class. various mistakes made. various embarrassing moment shared with your batchmates and lecturer. i realise we should have volunteer ourselves. it is very useful now. when i was given the task by my boss to do counseling in front of her i find myself doing better than the other university graduates. i find myself more confident and if they want me to do it in front of them i have no fear compared to those local universities students. when my boss actually told us she had a real patient to do so. they start to worry but i was more than joy to do it. in my opinion not only my university did gave me this confidence but life experience. i somehow felt that working experience can help in this. i have been working for sometime since i graduated at a retail pharmacy and i have learn how to handle customer, how to speak to them, instead of being soft spoke i find myself more loud and more friend ( i am not a very friendly person).

today i did a counselling alone. it was fun. my patient is so enthusiastic to learn. gosh! he knew how to use accuhaler eventhough he had not use it before. he claimed that he saw some of the other patients using it. i was so impress before i can show him how to use it he already showed me how to use it. lol..... this makes counselling easy. weeeee ......

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