Thursday, May 27, 2010

1st offer letter

i finally got my first offer letter. i have so much to complain after receiving this letter. cant the government be more specific in what they want us to do. gosh! they really need to learn how to rephrase their letter and give proper instruction. after getting the letter, instead of bring over joyed i became grumpy. because i dont know what to do. basically, i have been asking around and no one knows what to do. so in the end i have to call up SPA to reconfirm what i need to do. they send the letter together with a few forms and in the letter it says "you must submit the forms within 30days from the letter issued date". WTF i only receive the letter last night and the letter was issued on 18th May. you dont expect me to do medical check up in like 2 weeks time. what if i am on a holiday this time round. so i called them. then they told me: "oh you only need to submit one of the 3 copies of the same form the rest you can keep and wait for the 2nd letter (the one that tells you where you are posted), and if it more than 30days it should not be a problem we will also accept your letter." ==! come on! cant you be more specific in the letter. then according to my friend we may need to submit this letter to the lembaga pharmacy! OMG! they didnt even tell me. but when he called they claimed that they did mention in the briefing. come on man that time we were so worried about passing our finals who would pay so much attention to you and plus it is lecture from one to another. how can one pay so much attention at one time? Haih! these are the people i am going to work for. can you believe it?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

one of those days!

it is one of those days that you wish you were not born. freaking pisssed off i dont know where to start. if i have the money now i will just throw it on your face. so shut up man!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

things that cannot be bought

ever since i started working part time i realise that there are many things that one cannot use money to buy or learn it in lecture. for instance, i accidentally gave my customer the wrong dose of viagra. instead of giving him 100mg i gave him 50mg. if he were to take it. he would be wondering why on earth it did not work. lol... well because i gave him the wrong dose i have to call him up for an exchange. thank god he is a member in the pharmacy that i am working for. fortunately he came back to exchange. hehehehe... lesson learnt that, i should be more careful when giving out medication.
in another senario, patient always use the brand name to buy their medication. sadly, i am still not familar with that. so i have to take an extra effort to ask them what is the medication for before looking for it. cos there are like 100 and more medications in the pharmacy. worse of all sometimes the pharmacy does not have that particular brand that they want and i have to convince them that i have another brand with the same ingredient. gosh it is confusing! but by now i know some medications by their brand name.
lesson 3: i have finally learn the frequency and method to consume some of the medication. honestly, when we were in uni we didnt focus much on that. but now since i am expose to it. i know some of the medication like loratadine can be given OD, pseudoephedrine can be given TDS and antacids can be taken as long as you feel like you are getting gastric. lol...
so much to learn and i have so little time! i wish i have more time

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

driving 101

today is my off day and i wanted to go kl to get some stuff to make more mini plushies. hehehehe. spontaneously my best friend agreed to teach me driving 101. lol so we went and steal (aka loan) my mom's car and drove around her area. where there is not many car. hehehe. i almost crash a few times and jam break too much. lol. but luckily nothing happen. hahahhaa... current still feeling a little blur about driving i guess i need more practise. hmmmm. got honk like a few times and flashed at. terrible driver

Saturday, May 15, 2010

medication education

after working for a few weeks i have decided to conclude that medication education to customers/patients are important. however, if your patient is an indonesian or bangla or indian (who is from india) then forget about it. they can be so ignorant. i mean come on, when the doctor says there is nothing wrong with you then you are fine. if you dont believe him, you can always go for a second opinion. (senario is when a patient came complaining his family member had some lump in the stomach and is asking for meds (==!), honestly i am not a doctor i dont know how to diagnose you). dispite, that i do pity them as they have financial problem. in my opinion, one should see a doctor if they are sick.
the worse part of all they like to come for gout medication. somehow i felt like they dont know what is gout. they just think oh my leg pain so there is gout but it can be arthritis too. goshies! another illness that i find very disturbing is that patient likes to come for pain killers. they love to abuse it. but somehow i felt like it is the pharmacy faults too cos they are selling it like hot cakes. i mean even you have pain one should not consume it so often. who knows they may get gastric. many who comes to pharmacy because of toothache. wtf! a pharmacist cannot help but to give meds to supress the pain. silly customers/patients. then when you give them now after when they finish the course they will come for more (==!). terrible! today i have the worse senario. patient came asking for antibiotic and guess what he said it was for heart medication or gout. omg! who is the one give out this information. i felt like killing that fellow or maybe i should kill the patient since it could also be that they are the one creating the confusion.
another problem is work politics. i really rather not work. no politics. feeling the stress now. wish i can relax!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

a life time experience

it has been awhile since the last time i blog. i have been pretty busy. currently, i am working in a retail pharmacy. it was fun yet sometimes it is challenging to me as i am still not confident i giving out medications to patients. i guess thinking twice does make me loose my confidence. oh well. i shall not worry and try my very best to learn. surprisingly i studied more when i am working than when i was a student. curiosity does kills me. somehow when customer asked some weird questions and i didnt manage to answer them i would go back and look it up. lol. in a day we can have so many different types of customers. there is one day with 2 ladies at different occasion one asking for drugs for abortion and the other asking for drugs to stop her menses. weird.
it is truly a life experience. one time i gave the customer the wrong dose of viagra. instead of the higher dose i gave him the lower dose. i have to call him back to change it. gosh! poor fellow if i didnt change it i guess he will be wondering why isnt it working.
i have also learn about some drugs such a ibuprofen where u could not give to someone with asthma as it may exacerbate asthma condition. but i have already given to the customer.
another thing that i learn is that ginkgo biloba can improve blood circulation and can help in muscle cramp or pain or dizziness. my boss would usually give it together with vitamin B12.
my boss also told me that isoflavones in soy mimics the womens hormone progestogen. thus, it may help in menopause womens.
there is so much to be learn. i am glad i took up this job though the pay is low but i sort of have fun. listening to customers complains and praise.


1. Where is your cell phone: in my bag.

2. Your hair: wavy long layers

3. Your favorite food: sushi

4. Your dream from last night: not sure what did i dream about

5. Your favorite drink: starbucks caramel machiato, can someone send it to me now

6. Your dream/goal: to earn big bucks and travel around the world

7. What room are you in: office, having my break

8. What are your hobbies: Shopping, Making crafts and watching series

9. What is your fear: insects, public speaking

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: somewhere that has 4 seasons

11. Where were you last night: at home playing with my red laptop

12. Something you are not: girl who apply lots of make ups

13. Muffins: Love-hate relationship. neutral, prefer cupcakes

14. Wish list items: Boy friend, Smart phone, Car, lots of cash and an air ticket to somewhere

15. Where did you grow up: KL (pure city girl)

16. Last thing you did: eating Pocky

17. What are you wearing: black working dress

18. Your TV: suppose to watch cake boss tonight but i have to work... sob sob sob

19. Your pets: I wanted a dog but my parents disagree with me

20. Your friends: i felt like i am group hopping but at least i manage to make new friends. i'm sure you all know who you are.

21. Your favorite store: kinokuniya, boutiques, restaurants

22. Your favorite color: White (actually i like anything that looks good by itself)