Sunday, May 9, 2010

a life time experience

it has been awhile since the last time i blog. i have been pretty busy. currently, i am working in a retail pharmacy. it was fun yet sometimes it is challenging to me as i am still not confident i giving out medications to patients. i guess thinking twice does make me loose my confidence. oh well. i shall not worry and try my very best to learn. surprisingly i studied more when i am working than when i was a student. curiosity does kills me. somehow when customer asked some weird questions and i didnt manage to answer them i would go back and look it up. lol. in a day we can have so many different types of customers. there is one day with 2 ladies at different occasion one asking for drugs for abortion and the other asking for drugs to stop her menses. weird.
it is truly a life experience. one time i gave the customer the wrong dose of viagra. instead of the higher dose i gave him the lower dose. i have to call him back to change it. gosh! poor fellow if i didnt change it i guess he will be wondering why isnt it working.
i have also learn about some drugs such a ibuprofen where u could not give to someone with asthma as it may exacerbate asthma condition. but i have already given to the customer.
another thing that i learn is that ginkgo biloba can improve blood circulation and can help in muscle cramp or pain or dizziness. my boss would usually give it together with vitamin B12.
my boss also told me that isoflavones in soy mimics the womens hormone progestogen. thus, it may help in menopause womens.
there is so much to be learn. i am glad i took up this job though the pay is low but i sort of have fun. listening to customers complains and praise.

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