Sunday, May 9, 2010


1. Where is your cell phone: in my bag.

2. Your hair: wavy long layers

3. Your favorite food: sushi

4. Your dream from last night: not sure what did i dream about

5. Your favorite drink: starbucks caramel machiato, can someone send it to me now

6. Your dream/goal: to earn big bucks and travel around the world

7. What room are you in: office, having my break

8. What are your hobbies: Shopping, Making crafts and watching series

9. What is your fear: insects, public speaking

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: somewhere that has 4 seasons

11. Where were you last night: at home playing with my red laptop

12. Something you are not: girl who apply lots of make ups

13. Muffins: Love-hate relationship. neutral, prefer cupcakes

14. Wish list items: Boy friend, Smart phone, Car, lots of cash and an air ticket to somewhere

15. Where did you grow up: KL (pure city girl)

16. Last thing you did: eating Pocky

17. What are you wearing: black working dress

18. Your TV: suppose to watch cake boss tonight but i have to work... sob sob sob

19. Your pets: I wanted a dog but my parents disagree with me

20. Your friends: i felt like i am group hopping but at least i manage to make new friends. i'm sure you all know who you are.

21. Your favorite store: kinokuniya, boutiques, restaurants

22. Your favorite color: White (actually i like anything that looks good by itself)

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