Thursday, May 27, 2010

1st offer letter

i finally got my first offer letter. i have so much to complain after receiving this letter. cant the government be more specific in what they want us to do. gosh! they really need to learn how to rephrase their letter and give proper instruction. after getting the letter, instead of bring over joyed i became grumpy. because i dont know what to do. basically, i have been asking around and no one knows what to do. so in the end i have to call up SPA to reconfirm what i need to do. they send the letter together with a few forms and in the letter it says "you must submit the forms within 30days from the letter issued date". WTF i only receive the letter last night and the letter was issued on 18th May. you dont expect me to do medical check up in like 2 weeks time. what if i am on a holiday this time round. so i called them. then they told me: "oh you only need to submit one of the 3 copies of the same form the rest you can keep and wait for the 2nd letter (the one that tells you where you are posted), and if it more than 30days it should not be a problem we will also accept your letter." ==! come on! cant you be more specific in the letter. then according to my friend we may need to submit this letter to the lembaga pharmacy! OMG! they didnt even tell me. but when he called they claimed that they did mention in the briefing. come on man that time we were so worried about passing our finals who would pay so much attention to you and plus it is lecture from one to another. how can one pay so much attention at one time? Haih! these are the people i am going to work for. can you believe it?

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