Saturday, May 15, 2010

medication education

after working for a few weeks i have decided to conclude that medication education to customers/patients are important. however, if your patient is an indonesian or bangla or indian (who is from india) then forget about it. they can be so ignorant. i mean come on, when the doctor says there is nothing wrong with you then you are fine. if you dont believe him, you can always go for a second opinion. (senario is when a patient came complaining his family member had some lump in the stomach and is asking for meds (==!), honestly i am not a doctor i dont know how to diagnose you). dispite, that i do pity them as they have financial problem. in my opinion, one should see a doctor if they are sick.
the worse part of all they like to come for gout medication. somehow i felt like they dont know what is gout. they just think oh my leg pain so there is gout but it can be arthritis too. goshies! another illness that i find very disturbing is that patient likes to come for pain killers. they love to abuse it. but somehow i felt like it is the pharmacy faults too cos they are selling it like hot cakes. i mean even you have pain one should not consume it so often. who knows they may get gastric. many who comes to pharmacy because of toothache. wtf! a pharmacist cannot help but to give meds to supress the pain. silly customers/patients. then when you give them now after when they finish the course they will come for more (==!). terrible! today i have the worse senario. patient came asking for antibiotic and guess what he said it was for heart medication or gout. omg! who is the one give out this information. i felt like killing that fellow or maybe i should kill the patient since it could also be that they are the one creating the confusion.
another problem is work politics. i really rather not work. no politics. feeling the stress now. wish i can relax!

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