Wednesday, April 7, 2010

pos 'boleh land'

gosh i ddin't know dealing with pos 'boleh land can be such a pain in the ass. i was suppose to get my parcel yesterday however, i was having exam when the delivery guy deliver my parcel and i have the 'best' maid every whom does not understands simple instructions such as show this photocopy ID to the deliver guy and he will pass the parcel to you. So they drop me a note telling me to collect it from the main office. it is at kota damansara and the last time i went there i sort of got lost. so this time i decided to ask them to arrange for a second sending which i think i will be or i will make sure that i am at home to collect it. In order to arrange for 2nd delivery i have to call them. Gosh! i really do hate it when it goes to those sort of answering machine thingy. and when it finally reach the selection you want, it will tell you to hold as all operators are busy. %$%&^%*^%*&^! how busy can they be? i waited for like 10 minutes or more with some weird music on the other end. then the music stop. i was hoping that i was the operator on the other end but it was the voice machine telling me they were sorry and all their operators are busy and the music came back. !!@*&*(^&^&*%(!^@(!&! finally i decided to hang up and call again. i think the same process went on for a few times before the operator decided to pick up my call and deal with my problem. so in the end the operator told me 'your parcel will be delivered to you house on the 9th of april'. in the back of my mind; i want it now or by 8th. oh well i cannot complain since i am not willing to go there to collect it. i will just have to wait for it. hopefully what is inside is not a disappointment

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