Friday, September 3, 2010

Working Life

Daily routine, morning; punch card in. Follow by breakfast (cup of coffee). Start work, screen prescription, calculate amount of drug to be given, send back any prescription errors, check those that had been filled, do DD if it is a Sunday and Wednesday. Followed by lunch. Back from lunch, pick up calls, screen any prescription that came in after lunch, hope for counselling and wait to go home. I have concluded that working life here is so relaxing which is a plus sign. But the working process here is pretty slow. I find that people here like to take their time to do work. I am from a city where everything is fast moving. So bare with my bias view here. Maybe i should learn to be a little slow? Nah! I dont think it is a good idea. I like things moving quickly. but i would not mind working here if there are cinemas, restaurants and shops that i like. I would not feel so upset if i am able to conduct my daily routine here. (ie; shopping, eating and watching movie) Haih! For now i am just hoping to get a car. Once i have a car, i would feel safe as i can travel around without worrying much. Hahahahaha.... If only my driving skills are good. Hmmmm... I guess i need more practice right? Anyone willing to sit beside me for a roller coaster ride? But it will be at your own risk. Gosh! I such a terrible person.

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