Sunday, September 12, 2010

First time working at night

After a few months working late shift in a retail pharmacy i thought i maybe able to sail through a night shift in the hospital. I didnt expect it to be so different. Although working at night can be fun yet it can be stressful and tiring too. 11hours of work without sleep throughout the night can be pretty tiring especially when there is one period where there are no patient queuing up to get their medications. Halfway through the night or one could call it early in the morning i fell a sleep for an hour. It is a good thing or else i would expect myself to be dispensing the wrong medication.

I am quite surprise that on the first night of Raya there would be so many malay patients. Most of them came in for similar reasons;
1) gastric
2) fever + cough + flu (kids)
3) injury
4) diarrhoea

As we all know, chinese usually 'pantang' to be sick during CNY yet most malays tend to fall sick during Raya. lol....

It was kind of stressful working at night the first time not only because i am new but 'my head' likes to observe what i am doing. Which made me feel tense. Somehow i felt like 'my head' is putting pressure on my shoulders. Well, at least now i know how the work flow is like the next time i am confident do it by myself. Hopefully! =P

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