Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running a small pharmacy department by myself?

I never thought there would be such chaos when i have to run a minor pharmacy department by myself. I dont know why yesterday i decided to do dangerous drug. The pharmacy only supply dangerous drug twice a week and yesterday was supply day. My colleague decide to ask me which do i want to do. One unit dose or dangerous drug(DD)? One unit dose is where we only supply meds to the patients in the ward for one day. In other words, it means we supply them daily. So silly me decided to do dangerous drug. It seems much easier than one unit dose as it does not require me to use a buggy computer. Unfortunately, i come to realise i hate dangerous drug more than one unit dose. Why? Well yesterday i was not thinking right and decided to confirm what drug they wanted. I didnt know that for DD we cannot cancel once it was written. Because after confirming the drug i realise we have shortage of the drug. So i decided to call another department hoping to borrow that drug from them. Who knows they also dont have stock. So i went looking for my boss. WTF both my bosses are on leave. I was like what am i going to do. Then i found out that someone else is substituting my boss. So went and find that fellow, he taught me how to solve the problem and guess what the nurse make lots of noise for not supplying the drug to them. Haih! i felt so hopeless but the truth is i dont know what happen. Urrrggghhh!!!!!! Worse of all in the afternoon i am the only one running the whole department. I was like wow! me alone? Today the same thing happen ==! and my boss substitute finally realise that i am alone so he decided to ask someone to help but too late i have completed everything! =P


CHAN said...

that's what nurses are for poh yoke. To bitch but never offer a solution. Else, they wouldn't be nurses

Yokie(PY) said...

haih.... well at least i learnt something new. i need to learn how to solve problem by myself.