Monday, January 24, 2011

every cloud has a sliver lining

true as it is. i was having a bad day when i have to work with colleague #10. terrible fellow who only knows how to 'snake his way out'. on top of that the day that i choose to conduct cytotoxic drug reconstitution that is the day with the most preparation and the day with some problem. feeling extremely exhausted after being in the clean room for about 3 hours. problem encounters:
1) wrong solution for infusion. someone super smart instead of providing us with normal saline gave us 3% sodium chloride
2) the rubber band holding my mask to my face broke. i guess my head is too big.

as soon as i am out from the clean room my research partner asked me to accompany her for our proposal presentation. i was like 'urrr ok but i have not eat lunch' *of course i didnt say it out*. while waiting for our turn, i manage to get a gist on how our so call research community board bombard the other groups with question. luckily when it is our turn, not many bombarding but more of correcting. feeling pretty happy and confident now. hehehe... who should they thank? me! as i am the one who found this research journal! haih! but nevermind at least i know where i stand in this place.

tonight suppose to go 'lo sang' with my colleagues but i dont feel like going i just want to stay at home and cuddle with comfort food. dont ask why or what i have been like that lately.


stinchan said...

Don't need a reason to stay at home and cuddle with comfort's every person's fundamental right to do so !

Yokie(PY) said...

emo emo emo emo emo emo emo