Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ups and downs in life

it has been awhile since the last time i blog. it is not like i have been very busy. it is just that i do not have the mood to do so. everytime when i tell myself i shall blog yet, when i reach this site i dont feel like blogging anymore.

many things had happen for the past few week. i have timetable problem, got angry with someone, got tired of working, worried about my appearance and many more. if i were to make a list. it would be too long.

now i am actually feeling a little upset. after reading a random blog. i felt like there is so many things missing in my life. could it be the path that i have choose? i have read and notice that everyone or should i say most of them already had a relationship in their teens. yet i dont have one. it is not like there is no one interested in me. it is just that i treasure my studies more than anything or am i too choosy? i also dont know. yet till now i still have not been into a relationship. that is why when someone ask me for an opinion in this matter i dont know how to give an advise. i guess i am pretty slow when it comes to this things.

it was not the first time, yet it happens again. why do people like to complain about my dress code? is it too sexy? do i need to cover from top to bottom? should i cover my face too? somehow i think people here are too conservative. what is wrong with wearing a maxi dress? too sexy? there is a cardigan with it and a lab coat. wtf to the people here. who they think they are to complain about my dress code when i didnt even apply to come here. too bad la i am from kl. n i wont follow your conservative dress code. it is not like i am wear some minis with super tight dress. so frustrated. for those Chinese there you could dress like that but none of you dare so dont complain.

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chan said...

time to go looking for love then..still in your youthful spring ! Don't end up having the same regrets at 30.